Sassenach Vintage Scarf
Sassenach Vintage Scarf
Sassenach Vintage Scarf

Sassenach Vintage Scarf

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This Vintage sized scarf is woven in the original Sassenach tartan design, a stylish and striking combination of black and greys. A classic sized scarf for any century but with a twist for the 21st. The warp dominant weave style showcases the intensity of the tartan design on the scarf length, the warp, with a subtle open weft overcheck.

Made by tartan artisans in the iconic Scottish Highlands on 20th century shuttle looms, each scarf has been made with the finest spun merino wool. All cut and finished by hand, each scarf is unique and symbolic of our sustainable values, love for traditional crafts and for Scotland. These scarves have eyelash frays on both short ends, and a combination of eyelash fray on the length with the highly distinctive shuttle loom selvedge, creating an artistic track.

Fabric – 100% Wool, with a blown finish creating depth and warmth when worn.

Garment Finishing – Combination of eyelash fray and shuttle loom selvedge

Dimension – 2m x 0.45m

Garment Care – We recommend dry clean only, or spot clean by hand and light press. Wool is also very resistant to odours with a bit of fresh air airing.

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