Our Whisky

Aged and blended in the Scottish Highlands, where the water is pure and firm oak Is watched over by ancient peaks, The Sassenach Spirit Of Home edition a collaboration between Master Blender Michael Henry and Sassenach Spirits founder Sam Heughan.

Carefully selected single malts, aged between 9 and 12 years, pair exquisitely with a 20-year-old Organic Single Grain Scotch Whisky to create an ornately balanced blend with a unique, sweet finish.

A portion of the high content single malts, hand-picked for the fresh fruit notes and roundness developed during the aging process, are finished in madeira wine casks that lend an added complexity and richness to the fruit notes. 

The infusion of a 20-year-old Organic Single Grain Scotch Whisky adds a delicate sweetness and brings out the more subtle flavors.

When you sip The Sassenach Spirit Of Home, expect to be greeted by a “hug in a glass” that evokes the familiar warmth of home, wherever you are.